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..... Teachers who want lessons that are brief, concisely written, and thoroughly-illustrated.


Discovering Life Science is well suited for ...

A) - implementing a teacher-friendly method to teach outlining. 

[See the tab TEACH OUTLINING.]

B) - helping students self-teach much of the basic content, thereby freeing up class time for hands-on work. 

[For more information, please see the 1st button below.]


DISCOVERING LIFE SCIENCE is also well suited for teachers who...

•  consider evolution to be a fundamental concept of biology;

•  acknowledge that there is credible data indicating that human activity is a key factor in global warming - but feel that students should be optimistic that we have the capacity to face this challenge;

•  expect a book's illustrations and information to promote inclusion;

•  want a very teacher-friendly way to have lessons ready for a substitute teacher.

[See the tab SUB SOLUTION!]


•  want to offer their students a "screen break."

[For more information, please see the 2nd button below.]


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