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For support in introducing outlining to students, please see the menu item


• To provide the rationale for outlining (and to head off the question,

  "Why are we doing this"?),  teachers might show the class the first 19 seconds

  of my youtube video  "Why Teach Outlining?" . Students should notice that

  outlining is a powerful tool that will help them in every subject. 

• For a shorter challenge, teachers might assign students to outline only selected

  paragraphs of a lesson. For example, note the yellow-highlighted portion of the outline

  displayed via the button below.

  [Note: The outlines that I provide to buyers do not contain highlighted paragraphs.]

This lesson's outline

The text of this lesson consumes approximately 1 page, and my version of a good outline consumes 1 1/3 sides of regular-lined paper.


• If students are to complete this lesson and produce an outline outside of class, allow one

   day for them to read the text and complete the review questions, and a second day to

   produce their outline.

• On the due date, allow a few minutes for students to compare their attempt to the one that

   you provide - and to respond to their questions.

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