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The teacher's brief preparation

Simply photocopy a class set of the lesson of your choice, and a class set of the good version of the outline of this lesson.

Suggested instructions for the substitute teacher:

First, read aloud (or have a volunteer read) the

Exploring Science / Historical Steps section,

and then ask for students' opinions.

When the discussion winds down, show the first 17 seconds of the

40-second YouTube video - "Why Teach Outlining" - and perhaps elaborate on the message (or invite student input).

Next, instruct students to thoughtfully read the "meat" of the lesson, and then to attempt to outline this portion. (Another option would be to assign students to outline only a key paragraph or two).

Instruct students to raise their hand when they finish. Hand these students a copy of the good outline for comparison.

When all students have finished, allow for small groups of students to help each other improve their outlines.

One book - many plans!: Welcome
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