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A Middle School

      Life Science Textbook

(Based on Globe Life Science by Bryan Bunch and Mary C. Hicks)

Author: Keith Wilhelmi

Discovering Life Science presents biological concepts and content in a concise and stimulating manner.


With middle school students always in mind, it is carefully worded and thoroughly illustrated.

Its short lessons are presented at a reading level well suited to self-teaching and to supporting students in developing their outlining skills.


An optimistic outlook is stressed. Students learn that challenges such as global warming exist, but that humanity has the potential to protect our planet - and that we all have a role to play.

The book opens with the crucial role of unbiased scientific thinking, and of the advantage of collecting data via controlled experimentation.

Evolution is treated as the fundamental concept underlying the existence of our planet’s biodiversity.

Females and people of color are well represented in the photos, anecdotes, and descriptions of scientists and their accomplishments.


Discovering Life Science consists of 72 lessons in 10 units, a total of 158 sheets (316 total pages).

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     Black and White $23.88

     Color $35.41

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